Woodstock 50

Two Authors – One Festival
Two Perspectives
50th Anniversary

I had the opportunity to talk with two authors who honored the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. The original event was billed as: “3 Days of Peace & Music.” In reality, the festival went for 4 days. With the 50-year mark, the spirit continues on. Many listeners have asked: “What is the best book about Woodstock?” The answer is easy . . .

These two books are about one festival but have two unique perspectives. The books lean on each other and at times the pages blend together. The long answer to “What book is better?” could be: “These books are about a festival that promotes “Peace.” Peace has no time for discussions about better or best.”

The first author I interviewed was Daniel Bukszpan. His book is titled: “Woodstock: 50 Years of Peace and Music.” Using Dan’s pen, the book was written by fans, from the fans, for the fans. Like a private investigator, he set out to investigate people’s experiences at the festival. The evidence is now perfectly documented in the book. And just like the festival, nobody was arrested.

Click Here to listen to the Interview with Daniel Bukszpan

The next author is Mike Greenblatt. His book is “Woodstock 50th Anniversary: Back to Yasgur’s Farm.” He’s a baseball fanatic. All the stats and play-by-play info about the festival is in there. Mike was at the festival, he even took the brown acid. Regardless of his purple brown haze experience, the book is a home-run.

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To fully answer the question: “Which book is better?”
Like I said the answer is easy.
The winner would be. . .
. . . The Reader!

Selections from their interviews were used to create this composite: